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If you have purchased a special piece of art then let us hang it for you. From unwrapping your piece to placing it on the wall securely. You art will be handled with care and hung precisely to suit the space you want it in.


Are you after Framing?

We recommend these Art & Mirror Framers.

Sunshine Coast (QLD)

Sydney (NSW)


It's clear that Hanging Tough is a passionate and dedicated company specializing in picture hanging services and art installation.

  • Passion for Art: Hanging Tough is driven by a love for art and a desire to help others bring their artistic ideas to life.

  • Experienced Artists: We pride themselves on working with experienced and talented artists to ensure the best results for their clients.

  • Customized Services: The company offers a wide range of customized picture hanging options, going beyond traditional framed prints to include wall art, decor, and home accessories. These options allow clients to personalize their spaces and reflect their unique tastes.

  • Professional Picture Hanging Services: We are experts in picture hanging and offer their services in Sydney, NSW, and on the Sunshine Coast, QLD. We can handle picture hanging needs of all sizes, ensuring a quick and efficient job.

  • Collaboration with Artists: Hanging Tough values working with artists who share their passion for design. This partnership allows for creative freedom and a focus on the artistic aspect of their business.

  • Space-Specific Art: We specialize in helping clients choose the perfect artwork for various spaces in their homes, including children's rooms, offices, and more.

  • Experienced Installers: The company ensures that all artwork is installed by experienced and qualified picture hanging professionals.

  • Transformation Services: We can assist clients in transforming photos, paintings, murals, and other art into personalized designs


Contact Information: Clients can reach out to us at 0434 721 909 to discuss their picture hanging and art installation needs.


We are a company dedicated to enhancing living spaces through art, offering both professional installation services and customized artwork to meet their clients' unique preferences.

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