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What Height to Hang Pictures in Your Home?

Updated: Apr 27, 2022

When hanging pictures in your home, the height you choose is important. You want to choose a height that will look good with the style and theme of your home, but that also fits with the height of the room. For example, if you have high ceilings, you may want to hang pictures lower so that the focal point of the room is on the artwork and not on the ceiling. This will help to ground the theme of your home.

Hanging pictures is a simple way to add character and style to a room. While you can purchase ready-made frames that are all the rage right now, creating your own custom frame is a great way to add a personal touch. When choosing the right height for your pictures, follow this simple formula: head height + 1.5 inches + picture. This will ensure that your pictures don’t obscure anyone in the room, while still giving you the design element you’re looking for.

Decide on how you want your guests to interact with your focal point. Do you want them to get up close and personal with a painting, or do you want them to simply appreciate its beauty from afar? If you want your guests to give your focal point their full attention, you’ll want to position it somewhere they can’t help but view it. There are several ways to achieve this, depending on the size and shape of your room.

Some rooms lend themselves better to certain types of focal points. A rectangular room, for example, will feel more intimate and elegant with a painting of your grandmother on the wall. A square or oval room, on the other hand, will feel more spacious and open with a stunning artwork print. In both cases, the key is to get the spot right so your guests can comfortably enjoy photos of relatives or relish in masterpieces from famed artists.

One way to ensure that your guests have a great time is to position your focal point in such a way they enjoy looking at photos of relatives or relishing in masterpieces from renowned artists (including those by yourself). You can achieve this by placing your focal point in the centre of the room, so that guests can comfortably walk around it while still being able to admire its beauty. You can also position your focal point opposite one or more walls, so that guests will have to step lively to get around it. Either way, make sure that your guests are able to enjoy your focal point to the fullest!

Transform your home into a gallery in as little as an hour. Our team of specialists at Hanging Tough will professionally mount and display your artwork, creating the perfect display to showcase your favourite photographs, paintings, sketches and more. Or, upgrade to our Xpress Services option and get your artwork installed the same day, ready for you to enjoy straight away. We can even help you select the right artwork for your space, or match your decor. Choose from our range of picture styles and wallpapers, then let our installers transform your walls into unique displays. Choose our Xpress Services option and have your artwork installed the same day, so you can enjoy your new art right away. We can help you select the right piece of art to fit your space.

Choosing The Right Height to Hang Pictures on Walls

Measure the width of the frame, which is usually about 20 centimetres. Finally, measure the depth of the frame, which is about 30 centimetres, again taking into account the depth of the wall. If you have a narrow space, you might want to make the picture slightly taller or wider to allow for plenty of room for manoeuvre later on. Ery if you are hanging a large picture like a painting, it might be a good idea to get a helper to hold it up while you drill into the wall.

If your artwork is mounted on a wire, you’ll need the measurement from the top of the work (where the wire is attached) down to the wire. You can buy special measuring tapes that are designed for measuring on a wire, or you can use string to get the same effect. To get the height of the wire, measure from the top of the work to the bottom of the wire. To get the width of the wire, measure from side to side. If your artwork is mounted on canvas, you’ll need to get the measurement from the top of the work to the centre of the mounting hole, which is usually located somewhere around the middle. Mounted works often have a hook or loop in the centre of the mounting hole, which you can use to hang the piece on a wall. Some artists even mount their paintings with magnets so they can easily remove them when they want to work on them.

Of course, there are a few ways to tweak or change this strategy to make it work best in your environment. When choosing on the height to hang pictures on walls, there are a few frequent difficulties to consider:

  • Avoid Hanging a Picture Too High

The first consideration when choosing the height of pictures to hang on the wall is to determine the height of the surrounding furniture. If the furniture is higher than the height of the pictures to be hung, then you will need to use a step ladder to hang the pictures. However, if the furniture is lower than the height of the pictures to be hung, then you can use a hook to hang the pictures. In this scenario, you would use a hook to hang the pictures from the wall at a 45-degree angle. If a picture is hung too high, it will be hard to see. The same goes for a logo, tagline, or anything else you want to be noticed. You want people to notice your design, but not feel like they’re walking into a wall. Keep your design around waist-height for maximum impact.

  • Space Above or Below the Work

The most common size of picture frame is 155 centimetres by 117. The size of your frame will determine the size of the art you are able to hang on it, so we recommend keeping this in mind when choosing the art for your walls. You should also consider the scale of the picture you have chosen, as you may need to move the frame slightly larger or smaller to ensure the image looks clear and does not appear too small or blown up. The only exception to this would be for poster-sized images, which may be 85x118.

  • Height to Hang Pictures in The Hallway

If you want to display your pictures in the hallway of your apartment, then the height you hang them from is important. Most people will hang their pictures from the middle of the wall, which will give a balanced feel to the room but will also allow the largest artworks to look their best. It is also common to hang pictures from the top of the wall, which will give your artwork a modern feel but may make smaller art look small. If you would like to hang art that is larger than 155x117, then we recommend starting by hanging it from the middle of the wall and then moving them to the top of the wall if you would like to create a modern look to the room.Choose from several beautiful layouts


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